Are there any post Study benefits in Canada?
After completing their studies, freshers in Canada have many opportunities for employment. Students are entitled to a work permit for one year after completing one year of full-time study. The work permit is valid for 3 years after studying for 2 years. The Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program, and Express Entry Program become available to them after they have completed one year of work permit.
Accommodations for students will be provided?
. There are a variety of housing options on campus, ranging from shared condominiums to dormitory-style housing. . Some on-campus housing costs may or may not include meals and utilities, including internet and phone connections. . Accommodations may be cheaper off-campus, but you'll have to bear additional expenses such as furnishings, water, and electricity.
Can international students in Canada apply for scholarships?
Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement and proficiency in English for international students planning to study in Canada. Generally, universities offer scholarships based on eligibility benchmarks without any particular application, but at some institutions, students must apply for those scholarships.
Is there a minimum age requirement for applicants?
In SPP (Student Partner Program programs, the ideal age limit is 30 years old, and similarly, in non-SPP and university programs it is the same.
can I take an education loan for my studies in Canada?
In India, many banks provide educational loans to students who want to study abroad. Each bank has its own requirements where you can avail yourself of the education loan facility.
Which occupations are in demand in Canada?
There are many occupations available at present. This list includes occupations 0, A and B, such as arts, business, computers, medicine, management, pharmacy, education, marketing and many more..
can I work after graduation in Canada?
If you have completed one year of education in Canada, you can work up to one year and up to three years if you have completed two or more years of education. To get a Work Permit for up to 3 years, you may also select two programs of 1 year each.
How does the application process differ if I wish to study in Quebec?
A Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) is required to apply to study in Quebec. If you plan on studying in Quebec Province, a CAQ Certificate is a requirement and must accompany your visa application to CIC. You can find more information at our nearest office.
In what ways do certificates, diplomas, and degrees differ?
The time it takes to earn certificates, diplomas, or degrees, as well as the credits required to graduate, varies. Certain academic achievements may be suitable for specific career goals or fields. Taking a diploma or certificate alone is similar to taking an associate's degree. But they take less time since general education courses are not required. While Certificates and Diplomas offer more focused education, Degree Programs may require the student to take general education courses to support a rounded education. The requirements for earning a Bachelor's Degree at many universities typically include English, Maths, Science, Philosophy, and History.
What is the best time to apply for a study visa?
If you receive your Letter of Acceptance and meet all the requirements for obtaining a student visa, CIC recommends that you apply for it as soon as possible. Visa applications for each intake have a deadline. Canada has three major intake periods: January (winter intake), May (summer intake) & September (fall intake). Visit our nearest office to find out more.
Why choose a regulated Canadian immigration consultant(RCIC) when I can do it myself or through Non-RCIC?
You should always take advice from experts to make sure you are aware of all your options when it comes to visa filing as part of your student application. Immigration laws change frequently and they are very complicated. You can rely on our experts to provide you with the most current legal advice according to your situation so that you can make an informed decision. We at SureVisa Consultants offer you total peace of mind and satisfaction when we process your visa application.
Are international students eligible to apply for permanent residency?
There is a point-based system for determining whether to grant a permanent resident visa. You will be able to earn valuable points towards your permanent residency in Canada through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a student visa?
Student visa cannot be issued until you are accepted by a foreign college or university. Foremost you are required to send an application to the college or university in the country of your interest, if you get selected, they issue a letter inviting you to study in their college. After which you need to visit, visa application center in your country and deposit your visa application form along with your college/university offer letter and other documents and biometrics. This is when your visa process is initiated and after all the processing and verification of documents along with clearance of interview, they provide you visa to move abroad.
What duration does my study visa provide me to stay in a country.
On a student visa, you can reside in the country as long as your course duration spans. Your student visa is valid for the entire duration of the course that you have applied for. You even get an extension of a short period on your student visa is about 60 days – 4 months depending on your chosen destination.
Can I get work permit after completing my study?
Yes, you can get a work permit after the completion of your course. Once your course is completed, you can apply for the work permit in that country. A work permit is usually issued for the length of the study program. Work permit allows you to work for 3 or more years depending on the choice of your course and the country. After getting your final grades a student gets a period of 180 days to apply for a work permit, but not before that. Your post work permit also qualifies you for PR.
How do I know which college is best for me and can I change my college after reaching the country?
Searching for the right college/ university is a hard task and no one would be interested in taking chance with matter of such importance. You need clear guidance over the matter from experts. Sure visa provides you assistance and guidance from highly experienced and qualified consultants to help make the right choice. As you cannot change your college after reaching your destined country. Our consultants provide you guidance to choose from the top colleges and universities for which you are eligible
Where do I live during my study abroad program?
If your college/university has readily available campus accommodation, it is likely that you will get a place in the student’s hall. If not, then you are required to find accommodation for yourself. Sure visa assists you in finding accommodation in a foreign country to help you house well. You could browse room listings under expert guidance at sure visa.
Do we help in university selection process?
Yes, we do! Sure visa assists you throughout your study visa process, even in the selection of university. Our experienced and qualified experts put in their years of experience to help you draft the perfect application for getting accepted into one of the top colleges and universities. They help you select amidst the number of colleges, the best suited option for you per your eligibility. we help you apply into a college until post-selection
How much experience do we have in this industry?
Sure visa has been fulfilling dreams for past 5+ years. The firm’s sole motive is to provide you the best possible results through its experience and knowledge inherited over the years. With highly qualified and trained staff you are sure to experience a smooth ride through the process. Get consultation from highly experienced counselors at sure visa. Sure visa has been a to recommendation in visa assistance for years in a row.
Which courses are eligible for PR in Australia?
Here are some courses eligible for PR in Australia: Engineering, Accounting, Nursing , Social work, Medical, Computer and Information Technology(IT), Education and Teaching . Automotive . Trade Qualification
How long is the admission process ?
According to the University/College, you're applying to, the admission process may take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. If you are seriously considering studying abroad, you should begin the application process as soon as possible.
Do I need to submit original documents for visa application?
The Visa application process is different in all countries. You may need to submit original documents or attested copies, depending on the country you are applying to.
Which country is the best to study in?
Every student's choice of the country depends on what they want to study and what their main goal is in studying abroad. Based on what you need and what you expect, we can suggest the best country choice for you. We offer free counseling sessions to answer all your questions. Schedule an appointment today.


SVP and Regular application processing what is the difference?
When processing streamlined visa applications, fewer documents are required, and the process is faster than when processing regular visa applications, where document requirements are stringent and the processing time is longer.
Are there any benefits to studying in Australia?
The Australian economy offers affordable tuition costs and pleasant living conditions in a safe and stable democracy. The ESOS Act protects the interests of international students, and the CRICOS Code ensures the quality of education provided through these institutions. Student visas under the Streamlined Visa Process are straightforward and fair, which makes studying in Australia easier.
Can students get permanent residence in Australia?
In addition to a Post-study Workstream visa, students can also apply for a General Permanent residency visa, a State-sponsored visa, a Provisional regional visa if they are eligible. The SOL - skill occupation list - is also available in Australia. The Post-Study Work stream of the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) may be suitable for you. After your studies, you may be able to work in your field in Australia while gaining practical experience.
Can the spouse accompany the student in Australia?
If a student is enrolled in a master's program or higher, their dependent can join them then, as well as accompany them. They may work in Australia full-time.
Which courses are popular in Australia?
Students in Australian universities can choose from a wide range of courses. These popular courses included Agriculture, Administration & Law, Education, Engineering, Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Humanities, Mathematics & Computing, Science, Visual & Performing Arts, Communications, Information Technology, Social Studies, and many more.