We have 12+ years experience in


We have 12+ years experience in

SureVisa - Visa Consultants in Chandigarh

At Sure Visa Best study visa consultants in Chandigarh, we provide you complete assistance and guidance in moving abroad and fulfilling your dream. We believe in customer satisfaction at pocket friendly prices. Our varied and well suited packages are a deal saver. The firm helps people with employment and study visa, to deliver respective roles in a foreign land. Sure Visa immigration have highly supportive staff to help you accomplish your goals and cater to all your needs while answering all your queries. Sure Visa immigration and visa consultation value your money and time and readily work on your case. With hundreds of smiling customers Sure Visa has become No.1 visa consultancy firm for visa to USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

Our Success Stories

Since our inception, Sure Visa has been committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams of living and working abroad. We are proud to have helped thousands of individuals from all over the world realize their foreign dream to work and study abroad. We have helped our clients obtain visas for a wide variety of purposes, including work, study, family, and investment. With study visa services to help students move to 150+ countries, we have now become a family of 5000+ smiles that are well-settled in a foreign land. Our reviews and student visas for Australia, UK, USA, Canada study visa, etc. speak volumes for our work. We have the highest number of successful visa applications for UK study visa. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience and are well-versed in the latest immigration law and regulations. We are proud of our track record of success in helping our clients obtain visas for more than a decade. We are highly rated best study visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Countries We Offer Support

United Kingdom

There are many countries in the world that Sure visa can help you get a visa for. Sure visa can help you obtain the visa you need for travel. We have a wealth of experience in obtaining visas for our clients and can help make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you are looking to travel, business, education, or pleasure, we can help you obtain the visa you need. Sure visa is a company that specializes in helping people get visas for countries around the world. Sure visa has helped people get visas for countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, USA, UK and other shenanigan and non-shenanigan countries. Sure visa can help you get a visa for any country in the world. we are the best study visa consultants helping students get study visas. we have the maximum successful cases for UK study visa and Canada study visa.


Sure Visa has been providing top immigration and visa consultation to many, now is your chance to choose the best service in your town and move to the country of your dream. Amidst multiple reasons to choose Sure Visa for visa assistance, here are some cream benefits that you leverage by choosing Sure Visa.

Chandigarh houses hundreds of study visa consultants, to help you with the study visa application process. But what ensures success in visa applications is choosing the best study visa consultant in Chandigarh. Sure Visa is a highly ranked leading study visa consultant in Chandigarh. With more than a decade of experience, we are an award-winning institution helping students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Here’s why you need us.

Visa Processing
No more complex and lengthy visa procedure, at Sure Visa get simplified immigration and visa consultation process to move abroad for study, work or immigration.
Free Consultation
Get free immigration consultation that help you throughout the process, guiding you at each step
Course Selection
At Sure Visa, professional visa consultants help students find the best suited course/program for their further studies.
University Selection
Sure Visa immigration offer you to study and work at some of the most prestigious institutes/organizations at USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
Professional Packages
Get professional guidance in driving study permit/work permit.
Economical Packages
Economical packages to help you save those extra costs.
Different Visas
Get hands on express entry, general skilled immigration and temporary visa as well in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
Assured Solutions
One of the best visa consultancy with 100% safe and assured solutions for your motion abroad
Low Price
Exclusive services at affordable prices, to meet your demands

Opportunities in foreign land

Countries abroad provide you chance to use your skills in a potential way and earn a handsome amount. Moving abroad opens up door to a varied range of opportunities, here are enlist some

Academic excellence

Move abroad to grab the chance of learning amidst some of the most talented brains, in some of the most prestigious institutions. USA, Canada, UK and Australia house the top universities and colleges to study in. Moving to these countries leverages you the chance to study in these universities and get access to a more high-tech and wide curriculum to grab the best opportunity to earn high.

Earn while learning:

Foreign countries offer for everyone to work. So you could be moving in as a student, but you can still earn while learning. You could work both on-campus or off-campus and pay for your own bills.

High IT sector jobs

Indians have already established a flagship in the field of IT. In countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia, where the IT industry is immensely huge and full of opportunities, this is one field you could surely get into. Get high-end packages and earn in huge numbers.

Huge market and high salaries

Foreign countries are big on money and market. Hence finding a job isn’t that tough a job. You could work in any field of your choice and get paid accordingly. Moreover, foreign currency accounts for more value than Indian rupee hence you earn more for the same labor. You could work as a teacher, HR, manager, accountant, and much more.